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Fees & Eligibility


1- Pre-competition procedure (Art. 4.2. – 2024 FISU Technical Handbook for Handball)

Team deposit
The countries participating in the Handball tournament shall pay a deposit (Art. 5.4.4) of 5000 EUR per team five months before the Championship. The deposit, which guarantees entry into the selection process, shall be directly collected by FISU. If a team is not selected their deposit will be reimbursed.

You can find additional details regarding the pre-competition procedure (in accordance with Art. 4.2.) by clicking on the button below:

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2- Participation fees (Art. 5.6.5. FISU World University Championships – General Regulations):

a) The competing countries, upon arrival, shall pay their dues for participation fees 80
EUR per night and per person to the Organising Committee
(in accordance with
Art. 4.3 & 5.4).
− Countries entering in team sports must pay to FISU five months before a
deposit per team defined in the technical regulations of the concerned sport;
− Countries entering in individual sports must pay to the Organising Committee
three months before a prepayment of 50% of the participation fees for each
athlete and official registered;
− Upon their arrival each country must pay the remaining balance to the
Organising Committee;
− The Organising Committee, if it so wishes may receive this payment in its own
currency at the official rate of exchange.
b) Any partial or complete withdrawal unannounced by a NUSF to the Organising
Committee and the Championships Department or announced less than two weeks
prior to the start of the competition and causing extra costs to the Organising
Committee can be charged at the price of 80 EUR/night/person.
c) It is mandatory for delegations to pay the participation fee to the Organising
Committee. If delegations refuse, they are excluded from the competition and will
not receive accreditation.

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Only those athletes who comply with the following conditions (in accordance with Art. 1.6.) may take part in the 2024 FISU Championship Handball:

1- Be a national of the country they represent;
2- Be at least 18 and no older than 25 years of age on the 31st December of the year
of the event; for 2024, athletes must be born between the 01/01/1999 and the

You can find additional details regarding the general terms (in accordance with Art. 1.) by clicking on the button below:

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